Floating Shelves

Although floating or quasi-floating shelves are generally designed to look light, with the proper design and installation elements, they can be robust and handle weight as well as any conventional bookshelf. Many options are available, from true floating shelves, to less expensive floating shelf options, as well as shelves with built-in lights, or shelves that work around corners.

True Floating


The Grid


Built-In Lights

Exposed Brackets


True Floating

Built-in Elegance with Shelves

These are “true” floating shelves; they are hanging on posts that are screwed into the concrete layer of the wall.

Bookshelves for Heavy Objects

These wall shelves were for a couple that lived in a classic building off the Brooklyn Heights promenade. The couple worked in publishing, and had a lot of books to store. These shelves are supported by thin metal wall straps painted to match the wall behind it; this is a good alternative to more expensive “true” floating shelves, and generally works well when there are a lot of things to put on the shelves (it does not work so well when the shelves are spare, since the straps would be noticeable). The shelves are dark-stained walnut.